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Private Kids Experience

Naxian Wanderers offers a private experience for our little friends specially designed for them. Enjoy a worry-free time during your vacation while your children having an amazing time in the safety of your accommodation.

Our program is based on our love for Ancient Greece and Naxian Mythology, Storytelling, Crafting, Culinary Experience with local recipes and Greek language.

What better than relaxing while your kids are enjoying a culinary session learning about simple and super yummy local recipes, cooking, mixing ingredients and tasting healthy food.

Our program also includes the history of Naxos given in a simple and educational way. Talking about Mythology, the story of Naxian Castle and the temple of Apollo, learning about Gods and Goddesses and their impact to Naxian Myths and stories.

Crafting is a hole section in our private experience, learning how to use and mix different oil-based colors and using different materials for our drawing which are inspired from Naxian nature.

With a funny and interactive way, we can learn some basic Greek words and live like a local using some everyday phrases. But of course, not only that. We can create a corner with actual copies of games that kids in Ancient Greece used to play with. To learn about their history and live like an ancient Greek for a day.

We are looking forward to meeting you and create unforgettable experiences together.

Naxian Wanderers

Private Kids Experience

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