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After years of experience as a certified early childhood teacher
and European culture student, I have concluded that our
contact with our heritage and nature is rejuvenating in so many
ways. After my graduation I have specialized in play therapy,
puppet theater, storytelling, and crafting and my need to apply
this kind of art in my interaction with kids became stronger than
ever. So, I decided to follow my inner desire and combine my
love for nature, culture, and education. My goal is to bring
children into contact with ancient Greek culture and praise their
imagination through mythology and ancient myths. At the same
time my love for my hometown and for communicating with
children inspired me to create something that can leave an
imprint on their minds about the importance of mother earth
and the gifts that she offers to us. Through lots of games, love,
and fun we can spend a wonderful time together and learn so
many things.

Can’t wait to meet you.