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Are you looking for something unique and different for your vacation? Well, this family
experience is totally for you. Located in Eggares Olive Press Museum, one of Naxos’s
oldest remaining olive mills, and specially designed for our little friends and the whole family.

We will make a dive in Ancient Greece talking about the importance of olive oil and the
sacredness of the olive tree, through the myth of Athena and Poseidon. Did you know that
Athens had a different name before this one? And how Athena became the protector of the
city? Did she fight with her shield or with her wisdom? Well, let’s find out together through
these magnificent ancient myths.

After our tour and games inside the museum, time for action. In our beautiful garden we can
become real farmers and plant our very own vegetables. Also what about making a fresh
and cool salad combined with our traditional Naxian olive oil? Just be careful not to overdo it
with the bread dips!

Do you have any idea what games children in Ancient Greece used to play? Most of them
remain till these days and actually have really funny ancient names. Are you ready to play
and wear the famous “kotinos” (olive wreath) of our very own Naxian Olympic games? Just
remember, in our experience everyone is a winner.

Time for relaxation and crafting. Using our imagination and inspired by the previous
activities we can use oil colors and brushes to create our own piece of art on a canvas made
of burlap. Fan fact, burlap is the material used for olive picking.

We are looking forward to meeting you and creating an unforgettable experience together!